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Interstar PowerPedal V.22
The next Generation of PowerPedal
Maximum power - maximum used
via App with interstar PowerPedal
Interstar PowerPedal
with Bluetooth App-Control
More driving dynamics
for all kind of vehicles
Available for:          TOYOTA           HONDA           MERCEDES BENZ           B.M.W.          MAZDA           HYUNDAI           NISSAN           KIA           VOLKSWAGEN           AUDI           MITSUBISHI           SUBARU           VOLVO           PORSCHE           SUZUKI           MINI           RENAULT           PEUGEOT           CITROEN           JAGUAR           LAND ROVER           OPEL           SKODA           CHEVROLET           FORD           SEAT           SSANGYONG           MASERATI           TESLA           BENTLEY           FERRARI           PERODUA           DAIHATSU           ROLLS ROYCE           PROTON           ALFA ROMEO           LAMBORGHINI           JEEP           ASTON MARTIN           FIAT           LOTUS

Interstar PowerPedal: For “More” Driving Pleasure.

More Driving Pleasure for every vehicle: Whether you drive a sports car, a four door sedan, an suv, a truck or are climbing the trails in your Jeep. The PowerPedal from Interstar Automotive Technologies will give your “More” Driving Pleasure out of your vehicle. Improve the throttle response in any traffic situation and experience completely new driving dynamics!

100% more driving pleasure

improved pedal response

faster acceleration

optimized throttle response

With Interstar, you feel safer with overtaking maneuvers, turning, climbing, off roading or mountain access.


The interstar PowerPedal is available for more than 16,000 different vehicle models.


Innovative Bluetooth connection with the PowerPedal.


Easy control of programs directly over the smartphone. The app is available for free for Android and iOS in the store.


Premium quality product with 5 Years Extended Warranty with online registration


Does not void your vehicle warranty


Manufactured to the highest standards in Austria and adheres to EU's strict safety protocols

100% more driving pleasure

Get the most out of your vehicle

Would you like an improved response from the accelerator pedal?
Want to minimize the lag at the accelerator pedal?
Want improved response from your automatic?

Agile and Dynamic

Would you like to improve the response of your vehicle when accelerating? The interstar PowerPedal automatically provides more driving pleasure through improved response and noticeably faster acceleration. Drive with improved pedal response and without delay. Feel safer with overtaking maneuvers, turning, climbing, off roading or mountain access.

Wake up your accelerator pedal

The interstar PowerPedal optimizes the throttle response for all vehicles, regardless of whether it is a naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine, compressor, hybrid or electric.

Want to improve throttle response and minimize the lag you feel from the pedal?

Reviews from Happy Users

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To adjust the response, the interstar power pedal has four different driving programs. These can be conveniently selected with the interstar APP and Bluetooth connection:



From now on, the interstar PowerPedal can also be controlled with the Smart Watch – without a smartphone! Here too, of course, the last setting made until your change is stored directly in the PowerPedal, and is available to you after a new engine start.

Driving Programs

The interstar PowerPedal always starts with the last selected setting, from our factory with the “Sport” program. With the button “Change Mode” you can choose between the three different programs.


Sporty driving, ideal for the city.


Dynamic driving, more driving pleasure in everyday life.


Aggressive throttle response, for sporty driving.


All modes are off.

Want to have Faster Start-up, Better Acceleration, Confident Overtaking and 100% More Driving Pleasure?

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*Effective 1st April 2024, the Interstar PowerPedal for all electric vehicles will incur an additional charge of $50 due to the complexity of the installation process.
* Ready stock available for Mecedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini, Tesla, Nissan, SEAT, Skoda, Cupra, MAN....What is your car make, model & year? Chat Now 🙂
*Ready stock availability is based on your car make, model, year and "First come, First-served Basis" upon payment confirmation. If there is ready stock for your car make and model, we will contact you asap for installation. Otherwise, we will take it as pre-order (2-3 weeks). Once the stock arrived, we will do the installation for you. Thank you!