Interstar PowerPedal (RSVP $50 Deposit)


The Next Generation of PowerPedal | Throttle Controller | Pedal Tuning Device | Accelerator Pedal
Interstar PowerPedal with App Control
✅ 100% “More” Driving Pleasure.
✅ Better Throttle Response
✅ Faster Acceleration
✅ Overtaking, Turning or Approaching a hill with confident
✅ With App-Control (Android & iOs Stores)
✅ 4 Driving Modes
✅ Made in Austria (Premium Quality Product)
✅ Adheres to EU’s Strict Safety Protocols
✅ Does not void your Vehicle Warranty.

✅ Official product at Audi/Volkswagen Worldwide services centre.
>> But we got BETTER price for you!!!
>> Also suitable for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Infiniti, Volvo, Mazda, Ford, Fiat, Lexus and Japanese cars.

FREE: 5 Years Extended Warranty with online registration.
FREE: Installation Included.
Limited Promo Now: $350 Only (U.P. $380)
Deposit for RSVP / Preorder: $50

✅ Do you want to Feel the Difference with Interstar Powerpedal?
>> What is your car year, model, CC, Bhp? Chat now 🙂
* To check for suitable application for your car model

Plug and play.
Connect via handphone bluetooth.

✅ OFF – Quickly & Easily Disabled.
✅ DYNAMIC – Dynamic Driving in Daily Traffic
✅ SPORT – Sporty Driving, Ideal for in and around the city.
✅ RACE – Aggressive Throttle Response, suitable for Very Sporty Driving.
>> Can be controlled by your smartphone / smart watches!

More Driving Pleasure for every vehicle: Whether you drive a sports car, a four door sedan, an suv, a truck or are climbing the trails in your Jeep. The PowerPedal from Interstar Automotive Technologies will give your “More” Driving Pleasure out of your vehicle. Improve the throttle response in any traffic situation and experience completely new driving dynamics!

*Stock availability is based on “First come, First-served Basis” upon payment confirmation. If there is ready stock for your car make and model, we will contact you asap for installation. Otherwise, we will take it as pre-order (2-3 weeks). Once the stock arrived, we will do the installation for you. Thank you!

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